Thank you for volunteering in our school! Whether your free for an hour or every 1st Monday of the month, you are greatly appreciated for being able to help within our school. Don't have a free day, but you can donate an item or bake?!? PERFECT!
"Many Hands Make Light Work."- John Heywood
Attention WKMS Volunteers ~
Have you volunteered this year to support our school?  Maybe you spent time making a dish for a staff luncheon, helped at Open House, attended a PTSA meeting, or any number of other things to help us Be Our Best at WKMS.  If so, in an effort to make it easier to keep track of your volunteer hours, please respond to the brief 4 question survey at the following link so that your hours can be recorded monthly.

This is important information that the school and FCPS uses as a measure of our community involvement, for example, when completing grant applications.  Please help us maintain accurate records and if you have any questions, please contact Michele Jaeb ( or Christine Thereault (

Also, if you are interested and willing to volunteer in any way at WKMS,
1.   Please view the presentation on the volunteer tab of the WKMS School website
2.  Sign the Volunteer Confidentiality Agreement
3.  Complete the Volunteer Emergency Form 
3.  and return the forms to the front office so that we can add you to our list of volunteers.
  Thank you for sharing your time and supporting our school!
If you don't see an item listed and want to contact the committee chair, please see our PTSA Section.  Also, select Volunteer Opportunities (left screen area) for areas where assistance is needed.  Thank you!